About Us


Lee’s Morvillo Group has been a family-operated business since 1890. The company is now led by Todd and Charlie Morvillo, fifth-generation family members. Rich Powers, formerly CEO of Cookson Precious Metal Group, is Executive Chairman of the Group.


Our company is vertically-integrated, from formulating custom precious metal alloys through fabricating precious metal products for jewelry and industrial applications. The end-to-end capability ensures we can custom-make exactly what you need and get the product to you quickly.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Everything we sell is manufactured under one roof in our 90,000 square foot facility in Providence, RI.

Quality, Speed, and Personal Service

We have a “family” culture. Everyone here is personally passionate about product quality, speedy delivery, and making it simple and easy to do business together.

Environmental Responsibility and Compliance

We take our responsibility seriously. We maintain policy and practices to conduct our business in a manner that protects and safeguards the environment for our employees, customers, and consumers. We comply with Dodd-Frank to ensure conflict-free sourcing.


To be passionate in providing 'Exceptional Customer Care' to the customers we consider our partners in success.


We are committed to delivering a best-in-industry customer experience providing system-critical precious metal solutions with comprehensive technical expertise, tailored to specific end markets and industries, while exceeding expectations.