Morvillo Precision Products

What We Do

Create, engineer, and fabricate karat gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, and custom alloys for jewelry and industrial applications.

Value-Adding Capabilities and Services

  • Custom alloy development
  • Finished product design, engineering, and fabrication
  • Just-In-Time Stocking Program
  • Scrap Recycling Program

Speed and Customer Service

  • 24-hour quoting
  • Most competitive product lead times
  • Lower minimum order quantities
  • Accelerated credit approval

Who We Serve

  • Jewelry manufacturers, jewelry findings manufacturers and resellers
  • Industrial manufacturers in the automotive, electrical, medical, aerospace, defense, energy, telecomm, and other sectors.


A complete range of custom precious metals products:

  • Custom alloys including karat gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, master brazing and heat-treatable alloys
  • All forms available: casting grain, sheet, wire, and derivative forms
  • All products are custom/not from a catalog and made for your precise needs and specifications

Please visit the Morvillo Precision Products website for more information about our products and services.